Apps/Tools for Children and Young People

Apps/Tools for Children and Young People

Healthy Minds
Problem-solving tool aimed at students.

An app to help young people through the ups and downs of life; it suggests activities to help based on how you rank your mood.

Specifically for young people to help them manage their anxiety. There are lots of tools, techniques and advice.

Mood Panda
Half moodtracker, half social network. It allows children and young people to choose whether to keep their mood private or share it publicly for support from other Mood Panda users.

Mood Scope
A mood tracking tool; the basic features are free but you have to pay for more in-depth features.

An app as well as an online resource which helps children and young people monitor and understand their emotional wellbeing.

Personal Zen
Games that have been clinically proven to reduce stress.

Recovery Record
Self-help tool for children and young people suffering from eating disorders.

SAM (Self-Help for Anxiety Management)
Help with anxiety management which includes interactive games and tools, and an anxiety tracker.

Stop, Breathe and Think
Guide to meditation which recommends certain meditations based on how you’re feeling.

A guide to meditation and stress relief

An award winning app for young peoples wellbeing.

Supporting children and young people with their gender identity

The Proud Trust
Resources and information to help improve the lives of LGBT+ young people

Gendered Intelligence

A charity established to increase the understanding of gender diversity and improve trans people’s quality of life