Online Safety

Top Tips for Keeping Children Safe Online

  • Use an ‘over the shoulder’ approach. Ensure children are using internet enabled devices in a communal room and keep an eye on what activity they are undertaking. Also, don’t let children take phones, tablets or other internet enabled devices into their bedrooms - especially overnight.
  • Regularly discuss the internet, it’s use, their use of it and the dangers it poses. Keep internet safety a live topic within the household.
  • Ensure children are aware of the ‘SMART’ rules (see image) and understand the implications of using the internet respectfully and safely.
  • Explore ‘parental controls’ on devices such as phones, tablets and games consoles.
  • Restrict children’s access to social media. The limit for all forms of social media is 13 years old and is therefore inappropriate for children of primary school age.
  • Pay close attention to the PEGI ratings on games and try to restrict children’s access to games which are rated above their own age. Some of the games which are rated 18 feature highly inappropriate material for children of such a young age.
  • Seek advice when you are unsure. The world of technology advances at such a pace that it can be hard to keep up to date with what is happening and what your children have access to. Use the useful links below for advice and speak to class teachers, members of the leadership team or Mr Westwood (e-safety leader) about any concerns, advice or questions you have.
  • Don’t scare your children away from the internet! The internet is a fantastic tool for learning, interacting and entertainment. However, it is a place full of dangers too. Teaching your children to use the internet safely is much better than not using it at all.